"Susan worked for us as a night nanny when we had our triplets. They were 11 weeks premature and a couple of months after they came home, we were ready to start sleep training. She worked with us 5 nights a week for about 7 weeks to help them sleep through the night.

She did a wonderful job keeping them on their sleep & feeding schedules. She also washed & prepared bottles for their next feeding, did their laundry, organized the children's areas, and really did just about anything "child" related that could be done during the time she was on duty. Of course, she also needed sleep, but it was amazing what she could get done during the evening.

I can't tell you how much I looked forward to those 5 nights! My husband was in his busy season at work and unable to assist with night feedings so I was solo for daytime and nighttime...that is, solo until we discovered Susan.

Knowing that I could get some much needed rest during the evenings was a luxury that I didn't take for granted!"

Julia L.

"She's very knowledgeable, caring and has a magical way of getting your child to sleep in their crib for 12 hours...straight 😊"

Devan P.

"Susan was the best Nanny that we've had and we are sad that we moved and she won't be able to assist us anymore. She is full of knowledge, personality and treated our kids as if they were her own. We miss her! She's the BEST!"

Carol C.

"Susan is a lifesaver for all parents, especially those of multiples! "

Parker F.

"We hired Susan as a night nanny for our twins when they were seven weeks old. She came highly recommended by moms of twins and triplets.

She is amazing with children and incredibly trustworthy. We were so fortunate to have Susan help us through those difficult early months."

Jillian F.

"We met Susan just after the twins were born and I realized I couldn't do it all by myself. She organized, night nursed and helped us learn so many things about our new path. To this day almost 7 years later the children still love to be with her."

Erin F.

"Thank you for being there when I was a new mom with a lot of doubts, confusion and fear.  With your help, support and guidance I became a confident Mother!"

Sweta P.

"Susan is the best! We couldn't have made it through our first few months with twins without her. She'd come at 11pm and care for the twins all night so we could get some rest. Thank you Susan!!!!!"

Jessica N.


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