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My name is Susan Capodanno, and I’m an Advanced Newborn Care Specialist. My job is to support you at each step of this exciting journey. With over 17 years of experience caring for singles, multiples, and preemies, my passion is working with children and providing parental education.

CPR and First Aid certified.

Newborn/Infant/ Sleep Transitioner/Trainer. I’m 100% ready to assist you with all your newborn/infant practical

and non-medical needs.


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Your Way

Every parent is different. I'll help you develop a sleep training or newborn care program that aligns with your values and unique parenting wishes.

Your Family

Your baby(ies) love consistency and routine. I'll help you lovingly implement sleep and newborn care routines that give their little bodies everything good and needed. 

My Expertise

When it comes to caring for your little one, only the most qualified expert will do. You want someone who is soothing, nurturing and – above all – experienced. The good news is that you’re in the right place!

"Susan was awesome! Our 7mo old was waking every 3hrs for milk and required the swaddle to fall asleep. I got her info from a friend at work and am so glad we called. She was able to make it to the house that weekend and meet us and the baby, discuss the process, and answer questions we had.

At first I was a little leery of letting a complete stranger on the house overnight with the baby but she quickly put our minds at ease. She was able to get him sleeping through the night (he sleeps from ~7PM to 7AM most nights) with no swaddle in a matter of days.

I've already referred her to a friend who's having similar issues and would gladly rehire her if the need ever arose."

John L.

"Good Luck was on our side! We were only going to be in Florida for a few weeks for our sons birth and adoption. Finding and connecting with Susan was probably the best luck we could have had. We learned so much from Susan in those first few weeks and her advice and counsel continued for many months after we were home in another state.

Our son is a happy, healthy and active boy. The routine and structure Susan helped us establish early on- helped him sleep and eat easily and instill good habits, still in place 1 year later. Just as important, it allowed us good sleep.

Our friends with kids were shocked he was sleeping through the night by 5 months, and were also amazed at how easily he went to bed for naps and nighttime.

My recommendation- do what Susan tells you, follow her instructions!"

Nicole S.


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