The Good Night Sleep Method™

By Susan Capodanno

Proactive, Stress-Free Approach

The Good Night Sleep Method™ is a gently guided method to get babies to do what they would naturally do on their own in time... We guide this development in an organized fashion so they sleep through the night sooner.

You've heard the nightmare stories of babies who never sleep and desperate parents who try to fix it with harsh tactics and bond-breaking methods.
Parents, out of desperation, will do anything to get their baby to sleep. Rocking, nursing, holding, car driving... the list goes on.
Then one day, they realize that life can't continue with such habits. They're tired, unproductive, and their baby is still not sleeping with any consistency.
But, it doesn't have to be that way for you and your family.
Through a guided process, where we're proactive in your approach, your baby(ies) will learn the sleep skills they want and need to grow healthily. 
We're a team. Together we'll work to develop a compassionate, predictable sleep plan, and I'll be your guide through ever step of implementation. 

The Best Time To Start Is Before Birth

• But I'm Here To Help At Any Time and Provide "Rescue" Coaching and Support •

"Susan was wonderful! It was my first time leaving my son, 6 months, and I was very nervous. However, Susan made me feel totally comfortable and I had no
problem leaving him with her.

The best part of my first night, was receiving a text attached with a picture of my son sleeping like an angel in his crib. I knew then, I
could enjoy the rest of my night with ease.

I would have her again in a heart beat! I only wish I could travel with her to every vacation spot I go to."

Danielle Garcia


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